Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I am bored!

One of my young relatives (I am not naming names) who lives in a big city, just texted me to say "Auntie, I am bored". I suggested she explore her city as a tourist and also suggested things for her to do in her city based on what I know about  it and what I found on the Internet.  What do you tell your young adults to do when they are bored... besides get a job? ha ha

Now that the garage sale is over I find I have time on my hands.  Seems like we have had a long summer with all this heat but I haven't really done anything "summery".  I am going to the Plymouth Art in the Park art fair Saturday and taking my little great nieces to see Brave on Sunday. I think I would feel more like it is summer if I went swimming or to the beach.  The lake is about 10 miles from my house with a nice size state park and picnic area but it's not a sandy beach and the water is known to be yucky when it gets hot.  I may head over there anyway. I also think I need to plan a girl's weekend up north.  

I guess this will be a short post. I don't have much more to say this week. Very unusual..maybe I am sick :D