Monday, March 31, 2014

The Search for Sleep

I am on the hunt for sleep. I have never been a good sleeper. I wake up at every little mouse fart. My dog walking around, cars outside, wind...everything wakes me up. As most of you know, I moved to another state, started a new job and bought a new place to live, all within about three months. What you may now know and what I usually don't share is that all these changes gave me anxiety. The anxiety kept me awake and it is a vicious cycle. I can't sleep because I worry I won't sleep.

I don't usually share my most personal details but I have a reason this time. My doctor put me on Xanax. She then had me try Zoloft and when I had an adverse reaction to that switched me to Prozac. I had a reaction to that too.  In the mean time I am going to acupuncture treatments, trying Melatonin, Tumeric tea, and counseling.  None of this seems to be working so I am looking for solutions.  Both my doctor and counselor tell me this is "situational" insomnia and will eventually go a way but I sure don't want to be on drugs any longer.

I am very lucky to have a great manager who understands what I am going through and is very supportive but seriously, it is starting to affect my day-to-day well being.

If you have any ideas, have gone through a long bout of insomnia or just want to share please comment below.

Friday, January 31, 2014

New Digs!

I have been pretty busy and haven't gotten to my blog lately so I thought it was time for an update. This is it. A cute 2 bedroom, 2 bath semi-detached condo.  After living with my sister and her family for four months (!!!) I am very ready to get into my own place.  I close next Friday but won't move in until the following weekend.  It was mostly remodeled for the sale so I don't have anything major to take care of right away. I don't like the granite and tile in the kitchen but I won't be replacing it until I live with it for awhile to see what I really want.  I bought a couch! It was a major purchase for me. Thankfully I have most of the other furniture I need.

The other thing that has been keeping me busy is my new job. I have been here one month and it seems to be going well. They put my name on my door today so I guess they aren't going to fire me! I have been having some stomach upset and missed a few days of work and my new boss is super cool about it so I guess I won't quit. The drive from my sister's is about 1/2 hour in the morning but an hour in the afternoon. The Dallas/Ft.Worth area has over 6 million people and Dallas alone has 1.2 million aaand they are all on the road at 5:00 pm!!  My new place is more centrally located so I am hoping the drive will be better at night.

Lots of changes in a very short time but I am really enjoying it plus I picked the perfect winter move away from Michigan!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday Greetings!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas was quiet and fun with Molly home from college. We had a nice dinner and both girls boyfriends came over later.  Not sure what we are up to for New Year's Eve but it may be a movie marathon.

Hm... let's see, what have I been up to lately? As  most of you know I got a job. I start January 6 at UT Southwestern. It is the same type of work that I have been doing for the past 10 years and involves medical resident education. I am looking forward to getting back to work after 3 months of being off. I always thought I would like have a long break but this has been too much time off.

With all the time off I have had I have been looking for a condo to buy.  I looked at about 15 or so. Most condos around here are like apartments. Going from a house to a condo is tough enough without having someone either living below me or above me. I finally found a ranch style condo that I like a lot. It's about 1100 sq ft and has a nice big patio. The problem is that it is a short sale and someone else made an offer at the same time.  The bank has to review both offers and then pick one. Hopefully it will be me!! I should know in the next few days.

I hope the next time I post I will be a homeowner once again!

Stay safe and warm and have a wonderful 2014!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Continuing saga of Texas living....

Life in Texas is going about as you would expect. The weather has been mild until this week when most of the country got hit with cold. Since I have to walk the dog now instead of just letting her out the back door, this is not my favorite kind of weather.   We walk about 1.5 miles a day which averages out to about 10 miles a week, great when it's not rainy and cold. Not so great when it's 34 out!

The job search is moving at (according to me) a snails pace.  I have had three interviews. I have another next Monday and one of the places I interviewed wants me back again next week to meet more people.  All of the applications for every job are now on-line.  You can't apply any other way and you do not get a real person.  It's a lot of sit around and wait to see if someone calls. Well, that makes me nuts so I started looking up people on-line in the jobs I am interested in and emailing them my resume. This is the only way I got the interviews.

When I planned my moved I really thought I would rent an apartment for a year until I got my bearings and knew my way around. I had a change of heart and as soon as I get a job I am going to start looking to buy a condo/townhouse.  Rent for a small apartment is more than what a condo payment would be for me and I just can't help feeling I would be throwing my money way.  I am pretty sure I will be working in downtown Dallas and since I don't want a long drive I will need to live in the city where rent is higher. Plus, I was ready to redecorate my house before I put it on the market so now I have this unfulfilled craving!

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Texas Living

I am staying with my sister and her family until I get a job and find a place to live. We are in a four bedroom, 2000 sq ft apartment. I don't mind. I have my own space and the apartment is bigger than my house was. No, my issue is Gracie. For her entire 10 years of life she had a backyard to run around in.  I could just let her out and not worry about it. Now, in an apartment, we have to walk...and walk...and walk! In the morning I take her to the field behind the complex. She gets to sniff and run around until she gets tired.  In the afternoon we walk in an almost 1/2 mile circle around the complex and at night we do the same.  While she is getting exercise, I don't think she likes it.

She used to lay on the patio and guard her yard from invading birds, squirrels, rabbits and bugs for most of the afternoon. She would sit in the front window and guard her house against marauding mail men and kids on the sidewalk for the rest of the day. Here she doesn't have as much excitement so I think she is a little depressed. Also, when we got here I noticed she was missing a tooth. This lead to finding a new vet, an extraction of 10 teeth and over $900 in vet bills.  She just doesn't seem like herself.

The cat is doing fine! Ha ha .. I was more worried about her than the dog and she great.

I started looking for a job this week and have applied to about 15 openings.  I have an "at least one application a day" plan.   I haven't had to look for a job in over 10 years and the process has changed. Everything is on-line now. I tried calling a company but they directed me to their website.  If you know me at all you know I am very impatient so all this waiting around makes me want to pull my hair out!  Wish me luck!

Finally, I am on my last aligner with my Invisalign braces and will have to fly back up to Michigan in two weeks to get finished up and get my retainer. My teeth are nice and straight and I am happy with the results. I would post a picture but teeth are gross!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Finally in Texas!

This may be a long post since I haven't written in ages. I have been super busy.  I sold the house for cash so we closed within two weeks. My last day at work was October 4 and the movers came October 7. I had tons of help packing, my mom, my Aunt Rosalie, my niece Krista and her two little girls and my cousin Jackie but it was a huge undertaking. I was trying to pack up my house and finish up my work and train a replacement.  Nuts!

My sister and niece flew up to help with the move and I would not have been able to do this move with out my uber organized sis!! Also, I had wonderful movers, Foster Brothers. They are from Cadillac, MI and I would strongly recommend them to anyone. My mom and I drove my in my car and  I rented a Town & Country van for my sis to drive. We put the dog, cat and all my plants and any clothes I needed in the back of the van and left Michigan early morning, Wed., Oct. 9.

The trip went downhill right away. I had to stop, a lot, to go to the bathroom. By early afternoon I felt so bad I couldn't drive. We stopped in Bloomington, IL and I went to an urgent care. The nurse practitioner said I had a UTI, gave me antibiotics and sent me on my way. We decided to spend the night and get an early start on Thurs. morning. That plan went out the window when I was so sick in the morning I couldn't get out of bed. My sis and niece loaded the dog and cat in the van and took off for Texas. It took them 13 hours but they made it that night. I am very thankful they did because I ended up sleeping until noon that day before I felt well enough to drive again.  Feeling better, my mom and I drove to Rolla, MO and spent the night. I didn't feel great Friday morning but I thought I would make it. No such luck. I drove for about 2 hours, getting worse as we went. By the time we got to Springfield, MO I was looking for an emergency room.

I spent a little less than 2 hours in the ER and had lab work and an IV. They changed my antibiotic and sent me on my way!   My mom and I got in the car and hauled ass to Texas. It took us about 7 and 1/2 hours but we finally made it to Plano around 9:00 pm Friday night.

I didn't feel much better over the weekend and ended up seeing my sister's doctor Monday morning. After testing and a cat scan the conclusion was kidney stones! Not the best way to start the next chapter of my life!

 I am unpacking at my sisters and finding my way around. A job is next on the list. Stay tuned for the next exciting installment!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sold, Maybe!

I think I sold the house. After much angst about it not selling I decided to turn my house into a rental. This did not make me happy but the market in my neighborhood is still down and it was looking impossible to sell.  Seriously, I gave up. Last week, Rose, my Realtor,  called with not one but two cash offers! Cash meaning no mortgage. No mortgage means no appraisal. This was amazing news.

Now I wait. The buyers Realtor is young and seems inexperienced. They should have already scheduled the inspection and closing so Rose had to get after them to take care of this.  I think we are back on track, well, I hope so since I am packing!

I am having one last garage sale on the weekend of Sept. 13/14, plan to give my notice for my last day at work to be Oct. 4 and then get the movers the next week.

 "Man plans, God laughs" has been the theme of my life lately so I can't get excited yet... I will...soon....maybe...