Monday, February 13, 2017

30 Days in the Whole

A few things I learned after one week on Whole30. 

Eating healthy is expensive.  Whole 30 is all about organic, natural, whole foods. Nothing processed means shopping at Whole Foods and Central Market for most of my food. 

Walmart has a ton of organic selections!

Sugar really is an addiction. I smoked when I was young. It was not very hard for me to quit because I just wasn’t that into it even though I smoked for about 6 years.  Quitting sugar is more difficult! I walk around thinking about cookies and muffins, all damn day! 

There is sugar in EVERYTHING. I repeat, EVERYTHING! I have to make my own salad dressing and bbq sauce. They even want you to make your own mayo. Where does the craziness end? If you buy it at the grocery store, chances are it has sugar. 

This diet is almost too much work.  I have to make all my own meals. I didn’t realize what a habit I had of stopping and picking up convenient meals.  I don’t really eat McDonalds or the like but I do stop all the time at Eatsy’s and Central Market where they have pre-made, heat and eat foods. I stop for Chinese, or soup at Panera Bread. I like a bagel once a week for breakfast or an egg white McMuffin.  This is the most difficult habit to break.  I spent all weekend either planning, shopping or preparing meals. My house is a mess! 

Not only do I have to prepare the meals, I have to clean up! I have had dishes in my sink all weekend. I clean, then have to cook and then clean again. 

I am eating things I normally don’t. To keep this from becoming boring I have to mix it up. I bought Epic bars. They are not the normal fruity protein bar. These are meat! Today I had Chicken Sriracha, for breakfast!

I am sick of eggs.

What in the world is coconut aminos? I had to buy it to make bbq sauce. 

It’s making me crabby. Most of you would say, “no, not Colleen. She is never crabby!”