Friday, July 22, 2011

RIP Lucy Cat

We were very sad to have to put our older cat, Lucy, to sleep on Wednesday. She had gotten miserable over the past few months, not using her litter box and crying a lot. Last week we started seeing blood in her stool. The vet felt she was on a down hill slide so we made the painful decision to end her misery.

Lucy started her life in my cousin's barn on Memorial Day weekend 15 years ago. My cousin showed me all the kittens and implored me to take one. We thought Mandy, our dog, might like a little companion so agreed. They never liked each other. When Mandy eventually died we thought Lucy was lonely so got another cat...they never liked each other. See a pattern here? When Bob got sick he really wanted another dog so that is how we ended up with Gracie the Wonder Dog. The cats ganged up on the dog, with Lucy in the lead. Needless to say, they didn't like each other. Lucy was loud and bossy and very independent but she loved to help me exercise and poked at me every evening until I put a blanket on my lap for her to lay on. Her favorite place to sleep was on the arm of the couch so she could wrap her self around my arm. She will be missed.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is anybody out there?

Since I only show 16 followers I have been wondering if anyone even reads this thing and then ..ha ha brother called me to tell me how bad he feels for me. He thought I went to New York and had a wild and crazy time and was feeling so bad that I didn't make it that he just had to call.

I can check how many page views I get and so far I have had just over 1900 in the year since I started this thing. I enjoy doing it but I am really not sure it's worth it. Most of the time I feel like I am talking to myself..hmmm I talk to myself anyway...

I started the blog to keep everyone up-to-date on the Bobster's health and I wanted to post some very easy recipes for my sister-in-law (hi Stefanie). I still post about Bob but not so much the recipes. Soooo what do you think? Should I keep it up? Should I call it a day? Does anyone actually read my blog?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Lost Weekend

"What? Timmy fell in the well?"

I left work early last Friday to head to the airport. My plane was supposed to leave at 4:00. They put us on the plane....they took us off the plane. We were told it was an air traffic control issue. We waited around and they put us back on the plane...only to be taken off again! This time they said there were too many planes on the ground at Laguardia because of the bad weather on the east coast. Have no fear, we will be leaving at 8:30! At 7:30 they cancelled our flight. Hundreds of flights actually. So, my sis is sitting in New York waiting for the flight that never was. We could not get another flight out and the next one would have been on Saturday for $360 one-way. Needless to say I was bereft. I had a total melt-down on the way home and was depressed the rest of the weekend.

With all the crazy stuff happening in my life I really NEEDED to get away for a few days. I wasn't looking forward to New York but the time with my sister and not at home. So now I don't have time to get away again but we are heading to Dallas in August but hopefully I will be going to London in September.

This weekend I don't have any plans so I think I will work on the upcoming garage sale. My basement is a mess and I can't wait to get rid of all the crap collecting dust down there.

No Bob news which is wonderful. Well accctuuuallly... he fell off his motorcycle. Luckily he was going slow. He has some road rash and bruised the snot out of his hand. Pray that he gets better at this... the stress is making me fat!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fun Weekends!

How was your 4th weekend? We went to see Transformers Saturday morning at 10:00 am. Surprisingly it was crowded and there was a long line waiting for the next movie when we got out! In case you didn't know, I love Bumblebee! The theater is at a very nice outdoor mall so went to lunch and walked around a bit, but it was 97 out! My mom and I wilted like warm lettuce but the Bobster was in his toasty glory. That man loves hot weather. Thank god there were a bunch of stores to keep me cool!

Hmmm .... I wonder where I am going this weekend? :D Yep, off to the Big Apple to do a little shopping, a little drinking, a little site seeing, a bit of eating, some more drinking, and to see Wicked on Broadway! My sis has to be there for work next week so we decided to meet up Friday night and be touristas for the weekend. Wish me luck. New York always feels like too much, too many. I am sure after a few adult beverages I won't even notice.

On a sad note; I may have to put one of my cats down. She is 15 and seems to be miserable. She is using the whole house as her litter box and throwing up more than usual. We have had her to the vet twice and have been told both times, "she is fine". Really? Really? I think she is in pain. The Bobster is going back and forth on spending more money to see if there is more that can be done or agreeing with me. He is much more attached to her than I am. It's not easy but I told him to make a decision by the time I get back next week.

I hope to get some good pictures this weekend so check back next week to see.