Friday, July 15, 2011

Lost Weekend

"What? Timmy fell in the well?"

I left work early last Friday to head to the airport. My plane was supposed to leave at 4:00. They put us on the plane....they took us off the plane. We were told it was an air traffic control issue. We waited around and they put us back on the plane...only to be taken off again! This time they said there were too many planes on the ground at Laguardia because of the bad weather on the east coast. Have no fear, we will be leaving at 8:30! At 7:30 they cancelled our flight. Hundreds of flights actually. So, my sis is sitting in New York waiting for the flight that never was. We could not get another flight out and the next one would have been on Saturday for $360 one-way. Needless to say I was bereft. I had a total melt-down on the way home and was depressed the rest of the weekend.

With all the crazy stuff happening in my life I really NEEDED to get away for a few days. I wasn't looking forward to New York but the time with my sister and not at home. So now I don't have time to get away again but we are heading to Dallas in August but hopefully I will be going to London in September.

This weekend I don't have any plans so I think I will work on the upcoming garage sale. My basement is a mess and I can't wait to get rid of all the crap collecting dust down there.

No Bob news which is wonderful. Well accctuuuallly... he fell off his motorcycle. Luckily he was going slow. He has some road rash and bruised the snot out of his hand. Pray that he gets better at this... the stress is making me fat!

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