Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sold, Maybe!

I think I sold the house. After much angst about it not selling I decided to turn my house into a rental. This did not make me happy but the market in my neighborhood is still down and it was looking impossible to sell.  Seriously, I gave up. Last week, Rose, my Realtor,  called with not one but two cash offers! Cash meaning no mortgage. No mortgage means no appraisal. This was amazing news.

Now I wait. The buyers Realtor is young and seems inexperienced. They should have already scheduled the inspection and closing so Rose had to get after them to take care of this.  I think we are back on track, well, I hope so since I am packing!

I am having one last garage sale on the weekend of Sept. 13/14, plan to give my notice for my last day at work to be Oct. 4 and then get the movers the next week.

 "Man plans, God laughs" has been the theme of my life lately so I can't get excited yet... I will...soon....maybe...