Thursday, April 25, 2013

If the boot fits...

I am sporting a mighty fine looking boot for the next 3 weeks! In an attempt to avoid surgery for the severe plantar's faciitis in my right foot, my doctor gave me this lovely accessory and told me to wear it all day. I can take it off to drive and sleep but that's about it. It's better than the cast he wanted me to wear and I wouldn't have been able to drive in a cast.  I was sort of feeling sorry for myself (I have a nasty cold this week too) but then I thought of those people who suffered such damage in Boston and my poor niece whose foot was crushed in a car accident a few weeks ago. She had surgery and will be non-weight bearing for 3 months and then in PT for at least 6 hey, this is nothing!

My vacation in Dallas was great. I loved seeing my nieces and sister.  I also got to have dinner with old friends and spend a couple days with my girl Nancy! The weather was warm and sunny and the entire trip cemented my decision to move to Dallas. It was a tough decision to make alone. Bob and I used to move frequently but thinking about doing it by myself is daunting. I checked out pricing on condos and duplexes while I was there and have a list of all the hospitals to apply to. It will probably be fall before my house sells, which is a better time to move then in the middle of a hot Texas summer!

Have a great weekend. It looks spring may finally be making it's way to Michigan!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Ready for vacation!

Vacation time! Yay!  I am looking forward to getting away. My dog won't go outside in all this rain so I have to stand in the door and boot  her out with my foot. Plus, she eats toilet tissue and drags it all around house every time I leave.  My bathroom looks like a frat party when I get home from work. My cat...let's just call her Pukey, throws up every blasted day. The vet isn't sure what is wrong with her but the barf is the same color as my carpet so I start my mornings with a nice surprise.

I wanted to go some place tropical this spring but I couldn't find anyone to go with me...which leads me to dating, well, not dating. I haven't even met anyone.  It's all very weird. When I was married I thought I looked pretty good for my age and really didn't care much about the wrinkles and little tummy I had. Now that I am single, dammit, I think I look old and fat though my friend and I look at (I haven't signed up but can look). If these are my choices it looks like I am going to be single for the rest of my life.  It will be a year and a half this weekend since Bob died. I am "carrying on" and all that crap but I sure didn't think I would be single in this stage of the game.

Stay warm and enjoy your weekend. I will be back next week and I am sure I will have a few pictures to post.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Is this Spring?

I think we are finally seeing the light at the end of the looong dark winter tunnel. It's been sunny and in the 50's the past few days. My tulips are trying hard to pop up and all the trees are budding. I don't want to get too optimistic since last year we got a late frost that did a ton of damage to the blooming trees and plants but it's hard not to perk up a little bit in the sun.

So... guess where I will be going next week?  I am off to the Big D to see my sister, nieces and bestie, Nancy! My 17 year old niece, Paige, was in a car accident last week and her foot was pretty much crushed. She had surgery yesterday and all went well but I want to see for myself!  Her sister, Molly, is in college and I haven't seen her in about a year and a half. I miss them and need to load up on hugs and kisses. I haven't been down there in awhile but considering I plan to move there in a few months I guess I should go look around!  Hopefully the weather will stay in the 70's!

I am considering taking a blog break. Seriously, I don't have much going on right now. I am only posting every other week or so as it it. I need a little motivation to clean out my basement and if it is warming up I need to clean up my yard. I don't plan on planting a garden this year but I do want to put a few veggies in pots and it's about time for the lettuce to go in. I guess I will take it week by week but for this week, this is all I have!

Have a safe weekend.