Thursday, April 25, 2013

If the boot fits...

I am sporting a mighty fine looking boot for the next 3 weeks! In an attempt to avoid surgery for the severe plantar's faciitis in my right foot, my doctor gave me this lovely accessory and told me to wear it all day. I can take it off to drive and sleep but that's about it. It's better than the cast he wanted me to wear and I wouldn't have been able to drive in a cast.  I was sort of feeling sorry for myself (I have a nasty cold this week too) but then I thought of those people who suffered such damage in Boston and my poor niece whose foot was crushed in a car accident a few weeks ago. She had surgery and will be non-weight bearing for 3 months and then in PT for at least 6 hey, this is nothing!

My vacation in Dallas was great. I loved seeing my nieces and sister.  I also got to have dinner with old friends and spend a couple days with my girl Nancy! The weather was warm and sunny and the entire trip cemented my decision to move to Dallas. It was a tough decision to make alone. Bob and I used to move frequently but thinking about doing it by myself is daunting. I checked out pricing on condos and duplexes while I was there and have a list of all the hospitals to apply to. It will probably be fall before my house sells, which is a better time to move then in the middle of a hot Texas summer!

Have a great weekend. It looks spring may finally be making it's way to Michigan!

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  1. woohooo!! Bring on my first ever Texas friend! I'm sooooo excited!