Monday, May 13, 2013

No looking back.

I started a diet today. First time ever. Over the past 18 months I gained five pounds which is understandable since I was going through some tough crap but add that to the five or so extra pounds I was already carrying and I was feeling a bit voluptuous. I knew I was getting heavier but my clothes still fit so hey, whatever....until I saw this picture!  Where the hell did that padding around the middle come from?  

The South Beach diet has three phases that all seemed reasonable to me. Phase 1 consists of two weeks of no carbs; just protein and veggies with no sugar at all. This phase is to help get over the cravings. Phase 2 is adding foods back and Phase 3 is maintenance. I thought about Weight Watchers but all that keeping track of everything little thing would make me crazy.

Phase 1 is going to be difficult for me because I always like something sweet after I eat. Even if it's only one piece of chocolate or one cookie, eating without sweets will be tough.

I had to seriously prepare myself for this. I made lists, bought cookbooks, threw out food and asked the pizza neighbor to stop bringing me pizza every week. I eased up on the sugar in my morning tea and...sigh....gave up my  I am as ready as I will ever be.

So that's it. I have a 10 pound goal.  I am back to gym starting Wednesday and I will post my progress here every week.  Wish me luck!


  1. Giving up Starbucks?! GOOD LUCK!!!


  2. Day 2. No Starbucks in sight. I may not make it!