Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bob Update

The Bobster is in the hospital again. Sunday at 5:00 am he woke up confused. I had to call an ambulance to get him to the ER, talk about scary! He has an infection that caused his ammonia level to elevate which made him confused. He is much better now but in the course of all the testing they did on him they found a blood clot in his leg....sigh... Of course they can't treat the blood clot as they normally would because of all Bob's other issues so they will be putting in a "filter". This tiny ingenious device will catch and clot before it can get into his lungs and kill him! I just love this kind of news.

We didn't get to go to Dallas yesterday like we planned so I am back to work and mad at the world ;D. We will try to reschedule in the next few weeks which could end up being better timing. Dallas will be out of the 100's and Bob will be feeling better.

Thanks in advance for all of your kind thoughts and prayers. We really appreciate all of you, with a special shout out to Aunt Rosalie who is the best friend Gracie the Wonder Dog could have!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

My baby sister turns 50 tomorrow! Hard for me to believe even though I am almost 5 years older! We are off to Dallas next week to help her celebrate. I had planned on being lazy around her pool, A LOT, but the weather is predicted to be over 100 every single damn day we are going to be there. The Bobster is dragging me to see the new Cowboy stadium because he wants to see what a billion dollar stadium looks like *rolling eyes here* . I will be seeing my girl Nancy and some friends from Michigan, Raul, Savitha and Candice. Looks like it will be an action packed few days.

My garden is looking straggly. The heat made most of my plants bolt this year my plants are sad looking. I planted 3 kinds of peppers and this is what I got. Last I night I chopped everything up for the freezer. I still have beets I need to pick but with going on vacation I won't have time and I am not sure what to do with the beets. There they sit, calling out to me to save them.

The weekend after Labor Day we will be having the long planned, never executed garage sale. We have too much crap. Isn't it funny how you really really think you need something and then use it once or twice? I mean, I have 2 sets of china in my basement that I always think I need and when it comes down to a party...paper plates all the way. Anyone need china service for 12? I didn't buy either set. The first set was my mother-in-laws and the second is what we call Isabel's china. Isabel was the sister of my aunt's second husband. When she died my aunt received a bunch of her stuff..including Isabel's china. My aunt gave it to me years ago and there it sits.

Have a safe and fun weekend. See you all in a few weeks.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Up North and weekly up date..

I love going Up North to our niece's family cottage. It's about a 3 1/2 hour drive to Lewiston. Their cottage is in the woods a few hundred feet from a lake. Like most kids the girls love to play in the water and collect shells and rocks. My niece and I like to sit and watch them while sipping our favorite adult beverages! Gary and Krista have a pontoon boat, four-wheelers, jet-ski's, a golf cart ...all the toys so we are never bored. Then there is the BOAT. Bob's hydro-plane. The guys put that thing in the lake and every single time it breaks! High powered toys are just too finicky. I can't begin to understand why they think it's fun.

So...Bob... sigh.. he has been having some shortness of breath. He went to 3 of his many many doctors this week and ended up in the hospital yesterday for tests...yep, yesterday, our 27th anniversary! He may come out tomorrow, it all depends on the what the test results are. So far they haven't found much and he feels ok.

My sis in law has lost 17 lbs and is training for a 1/2 marathon! She has totally inspired me to get going. WAY TO GO STEFANIE!!!

We leave for Dallas a week from Tuesday for my little sis's 50 birthday!!!! We don't have a lot of plans but it will be great to get away and spend some time with my sister. Mom is going with us so if anyone would like to house sit just let me know. Not sure what I am going to do with Gracie The Wonder Dog while we are gone.

Have a wonderful weekend. Get out there and enjoy Michigan while you can :D

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Of Bro's and Beans

I could actually have gone with all the funny brothers and beans stories but no, I will spare you...These are 2 of my 3 handsome brothers. My youngest bro was here for a short visit last week. It was so great to see him since he is living in Seattle now and of course we didn't get to spend enough time. Looks like I am going to have to fit a trip to the Emerald City into my busy travel agenda.

I just realized I didn't post last week. I am not that busy so I guess I didn't have anything to say. I think the heat is getting to my brain. I don't have much energy for the "moist corner of hell" that is Michigan right now. I stole that description from someone else because it soooo very true. I promised myself I would not bitch about the summer and to keep my promise I keep thinking... Jan. 7, Dec. 21, Feb 16... all those cold, ugly, gloomy days remind me to enjoy the heat, but DANG, it is a bit thick out.

This weather does seem to be great for green beans! I have 2, 4ft long rows and I suddenly feel like the Jolly Green Giant! It's a jungle of beans in my garden! My beets are almost ready, we picked 2 tomatoes and some peppers. I am waiting for it to cool a bit and then planting a few rows of lettuce.

I started Zumba. Don't get excited. I might not continue. My trainer is getting married in Sept. and needed Thursday's off so we decided I would go for cardio until after the wedding. I started with Zumba Gold or as I call it, Zumba OLD. This is the sloooow version of Zumba and still can't do it!!! I just don't have any coordination and my feet don't freaking MOVE. I will try it again this week and if it's still a no go...well there must be something else I can do on Thursdays. I must do something.. did you see the poochy tummy in the above picture?

Have a great weekend and stay cool. My word for the day is HYDRATE :D