Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

My baby sister turns 50 tomorrow! Hard for me to believe even though I am almost 5 years older! We are off to Dallas next week to help her celebrate. I had planned on being lazy around her pool, A LOT, but the weather is predicted to be over 100 every single damn day we are going to be there. The Bobster is dragging me to see the new Cowboy stadium because he wants to see what a billion dollar stadium looks like *rolling eyes here* . I will be seeing my girl Nancy and some friends from Michigan, Raul, Savitha and Candice. Looks like it will be an action packed few days.

My garden is looking straggly. The heat made most of my plants bolt this year my plants are sad looking. I planted 3 kinds of peppers and this is what I got. Last I night I chopped everything up for the freezer. I still have beets I need to pick but with going on vacation I won't have time and I am not sure what to do with the beets. There they sit, calling out to me to save them.

The weekend after Labor Day we will be having the long planned, never executed garage sale. We have too much crap. Isn't it funny how you really really think you need something and then use it once or twice? I mean, I have 2 sets of china in my basement that I always think I need and when it comes down to a party...paper plates all the way. Anyone need china service for 12? I didn't buy either set. The first set was my mother-in-laws and the second is what we call Isabel's china. Isabel was the sister of my aunt's second husband. When she died my aunt received a bunch of her stuff..including Isabel's china. My aunt gave it to me years ago and there it sits.

Have a safe and fun weekend. See you all in a few weeks.

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