Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Garage Sale Wrap-Up

I really shouldn't complain about the weather. It has been a great spring and early summer but damn! 90's? In June? We have had beautiful weather during the week and moist, hot and sticky on the weekends!  I don't want to exercise in this sauna and I am feeling overly large right now!  The only thing really growing in my garden is the tomatoes. I gave up on the rest already.

So, the garage sale.  I ended up having it last Thu., Fri, and Sat. Not all day, only until I couldn't take it anymore which was about 3:00. Strange strange people shop at garage sales in my neighborhood. Thursday it was in the 90's with high humidity and that is the day we did the most in sales.  Friday was steady and Saturday got a late start and we finished it all up by 2:00.  I thought I would sell about $500 worth of stuff and that would be a great weekend. I was totally giving most of it away. The grand total...insert drum roll.....  $1800.! I know! I about died! Lots of exclamations!! I sold most of what I had and only took one trunk full of left-overs to The Salvation Army.

Great big thanks to my mom, who was there for all 3 days. Also much thanks to Jeff Vandenbossche, and my brother John and sis-in-law Shelly.. tho I am pretty sure they don't read this.  Aunt Rosalie did a wonderful job feeding us and special big hugs to Nina for taking a day off work to pitch in.

I am pretty sure I will never do that again!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Don't keep those platform shoes!

Life lesson!  Get rid of your junk!  I am cleaning and organizing in anticipation of the Great Sears Garage Sale. Every time I open a door, drawer or box in the basement I am amazed at the tools and all around STUFF that the hubby kept. In trying to figure out, a. what the tool is and b. how much it cost so I can price it, I am just now realizing the amount of money we spent at SEARS! Did  you know a 30 gallon compressor cost $300? Neither did I! I can't figure out how in world we got all of this. Maybe he snuck in that compound miter saw when I was at work but where did the 6in bench grinder come from? Just an FYI...there is no value in collecting wrenches and clamps! Don't get me started on the platform shoes!

If you want to see my junk, the garage sale is Thu - Sun, June 21 - 24. I can offer you lemonade and a place on my porch to watch the show!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I was going to post about books until I realized I haven't been reading that much. With the weather finally warming up I am outside quite a bit, especially on the weekends. Last weekend I went to a cute little 1st birthday party and then my favorite cousin came over and we dug up and replanted 10 bushes. By "we" I mean Jim did!  The front of my yard was starting to look over grown so I cut back 3 medium size bushes and Jim dug them up and moved them. He dug up 7 boxwoods and moved them around too. Looks much better. Now all I have to do is go get some new mulch.

The next few weekends will be spent on the garage and garage sale. My very helpful mother is coming this weekend and we will clean out the garage. Next Saturday I have a mini-crew helping with setting up and then the garage sale will be June 21-24. 

So, books.  I just finished the last book in Dana Stabenow's Kate Shugak series. 18 books in about 3 months! As I have posted before, this is a super great series and I highly recommend it. I started another series last week by Craig Johnson,  the Walt Longmire series. Coincidentally these books just became a TV series last Sunday. I read the first 2 and taped the show. I also just finished "Stolen Prey" the latest offering in the loooong running Lucas Davenport series by John Sandford; always a good read. Lastly I am reading "Tempest Rising" by Nicole Peeler. This one is for my on-line book club. I am part of a Facebook club for folks interested in paranormal and UF books.

If any of you want to stop over during the garage sale, you know where I live!