Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Garage Sale Wrap-Up

I really shouldn't complain about the weather. It has been a great spring and early summer but damn! 90's? In June? We have had beautiful weather during the week and moist, hot and sticky on the weekends!  I don't want to exercise in this sauna and I am feeling overly large right now!  The only thing really growing in my garden is the tomatoes. I gave up on the rest already.

So, the garage sale.  I ended up having it last Thu., Fri, and Sat. Not all day, only until I couldn't take it anymore which was about 3:00. Strange strange people shop at garage sales in my neighborhood. Thursday it was in the 90's with high humidity and that is the day we did the most in sales.  Friday was steady and Saturday got a late start and we finished it all up by 2:00.  I thought I would sell about $500 worth of stuff and that would be a great weekend. I was totally giving most of it away. The grand total...insert drum roll.....  $1800.! I know! I about died! Lots of exclamations!! I sold most of what I had and only took one trunk full of left-overs to The Salvation Army.

Great big thanks to my mom, who was there for all 3 days. Also much thanks to Jeff Vandenbossche, and my brother John and sis-in-law Shelly.. tho I am pretty sure they don't read this.  Aunt Rosalie did a wonderful job feeding us and special big hugs to Nina for taking a day off work to pitch in.

I am pretty sure I will never do that again!

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