Thursday, June 14, 2012

Don't keep those platform shoes!

Life lesson!  Get rid of your junk!  I am cleaning and organizing in anticipation of the Great Sears Garage Sale. Every time I open a door, drawer or box in the basement I am amazed at the tools and all around STUFF that the hubby kept. In trying to figure out, a. what the tool is and b. how much it cost so I can price it, I am just now realizing the amount of money we spent at SEARS! Did  you know a 30 gallon compressor cost $300? Neither did I! I can't figure out how in world we got all of this. Maybe he snuck in that compound miter saw when I was at work but where did the 6in bench grinder come from? Just an FYI...there is no value in collecting wrenches and clamps! Don't get me started on the platform shoes!

If you want to see my junk, the garage sale is Thu - Sun, June 21 - 24. I can offer you lemonade and a place on my porch to watch the show!


  1. Hi,
    I found your blog via a comment you left on
    The Lettered Cottage.

    As a fellow widow, I could have written your six word comment ver batim.

    I too blogged after Daz's death; the blog I write now is one about life 2.0 with a "new" hubby (also a former widow).

    I wish you peace in your heart and happiness as you find it. If I lived closer, I'd come to your garage sale! I wouldn't buy anything though, LOL, b/c I KNOW all about having too much stuff-I also cleaned out things five years ago that I never knew we had :)
    Cheers! Susan

    1. Thank you. I am very lucky to have had him and I am double lucky to have my family and friends. I am working steadily toward Life 2.0 and posts like this help me stay optimistic!

  2. Hello! I too found your blog from your comment on The Lettered Cottage. I just spent the past half hour or so reading through your old posts and I've got the tissues next to my computer to prove it! Obviously, I have not been there to see what all you have gone through, but at least through reading your posts I can tell you are a very strong woman! I am sure that your husband would be more than proud of you & that he is still keeping watch over you. I am only in my early 20's but I can already tell you that I hope to find a love like what you two shared someday. I only hope that each day gets a little easier for you and that you continue to see reminders of your husband in little ways throughout your day! Thank you for showing true strength, humor, honesty and love. God bless.

    1. Thank you so much. The comments from my 6 words surprised me in their warmth and sincerity. I do the blog for myself and as you can see it's not that big. I look at blogs like the Lettered Cottage and I think, dang, my blog is tiny! :D