Wednesday, May 22, 2013

This week

It's been a busy week. Bitsy, my cat, has been throwing up for a few weeks. So far it has been $300 at the vet to figure it out. She is 12 years old and has always been small but she only weighs 6 lbs right now. We are trying various things to get her to stop but while the amount and frequency has gotten better, she is still throwing up.

My mom was supposed to have gallbladder surgery today but the surgery schedule got messed up and now she isn't having it until next Thursday. Poor thing was already to have the surgery and now has to psyche herself up again next week.  Next week works better for me but I already moved my schedule for this week around. Now I move it back and adjust next week because, hey, it's all about me!

So the diet from hell.... I have 4 more days of Phase 1 (no sugar, no carbs).  I am not sure it's working. I have not cheated..well I did have a few Hersey's kisses... but I have been eating veggies and meat and cheese and eggs in various ways for 10 days. I thought no sugar no wheat, carbs whatever was supposed to make you feel good. Not so much.  I will weigh myself Sunday and  can start adding "healthy" carbs back in to my diet Monday.  The other thing is not eating sugar and carbs is supposed to "cure" you of the cravings. Again, not so much. I would kill for a Starbucks Chai!

 I am off for a four day weekend with no plans!  I am going to try to go see Iron Man and I do have gardening to do but I like being able to just do whatever I want and go with the flow for four days.

Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day!

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