Friday, July 22, 2011

RIP Lucy Cat

We were very sad to have to put our older cat, Lucy, to sleep on Wednesday. She had gotten miserable over the past few months, not using her litter box and crying a lot. Last week we started seeing blood in her stool. The vet felt she was on a down hill slide so we made the painful decision to end her misery.

Lucy started her life in my cousin's barn on Memorial Day weekend 15 years ago. My cousin showed me all the kittens and implored me to take one. We thought Mandy, our dog, might like a little companion so agreed. They never liked each other. When Mandy eventually died we thought Lucy was lonely so got another cat...they never liked each other. See a pattern here? When Bob got sick he really wanted another dog so that is how we ended up with Gracie the Wonder Dog. The cats ganged up on the dog, with Lucy in the lead. Needless to say, they didn't like each other. Lucy was loud and bossy and very independent but she loved to help me exercise and poked at me every evening until I put a blanket on my lap for her to lay on. Her favorite place to sleep was on the arm of the couch so she could wrap her self around my arm. She will be missed.

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