Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The first tomato of the summer and boy was it yummy! They must be so good because we wait so long for them. The rest of my garden is going well except for those darn pole beans. The plants have gone crazy but nary a bean in sight! I am hoping they just mature later then the rest of the garden. Fingers crossed.

The Birthday girl and her big brother! They are leaving for their big move to Seattle tomorrow and it is breaking my heart. I am sure they will enjoy a very busy and active life on the north-west coast but that doesn't mean I feel any better about them going. She is a sassy and funny little thing and her brother is a very sweet, smart and curious child. Who is going to snarl at me in his best T-Rex growl?

Up North! We had a lot of fun in Lewiston. The lake was very shallow and warm, the kids were fun and it was SUNNY! We hunted for the perfect rock and roasted the perfect marshmellows. I posted more pictures on my Facebook page...just in case you haven't already been there. Michigan in the summer is a great place to be.

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