Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I started a lottery club with 4 other people here at work. We call it $2 Tuesday because everyone kicks in $2 on Tuesday and we buy $5 in Powerball tickets on Wednesday and $5 in Big Game tickets on Friday. Our first week we won $3.00. It is kind of fun and gives all us poor folk something to look forward to each week.

What would you do if you won the lottery? Do you have a plan? Would you go to work the next day or just call in rich, get a limo and head on out to Lansing to get your winnings?

What I would do changes but basically is always involves travel. There are sooo many places I want to see. I don't really care about cars and houses, though I would move someplace warm for the Bobster but take me to Europe and I am your's baby!

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  1. I have played Florida lotto for years and haven't gotten rich yet..after 20 years of playing the same numbers, somehow just can't seem to give it up. the dream...make sure my girls are set up with a nice trust fund, donate some to family and friends who need it, and travel the world..always dreamed of going to Italy..guess it was seeing all those beautiful movies when I was a kid. One day......