Monday, October 3, 2011

Random thoughts

I have been up since 3:00 am with the Bobster. He isn't doing that well and I wake up at every little sound so here I am...

When a family member is terminally ill everyone comes out of the woodwork. Nieces and nephews we haven't seen in ages, old friends, ex-sisters-in-law.. It's nice that they visit him and he is so happy to see them but I feel bad for all of them. On my side of the family we see aunts, uncles, cousins all the time. They call, they Facebook. His side, not so much. The Bobster's uncle died in January and we didn't find out until September. It isn't his fault and it isn't theirs. It's just the way his family is but I find it all sad.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, says "if there is anything I can do". They are all very sincere and we are appreciative. I know family and friends want to help in someway to show their love and ease our burden but I never know what to say. I am still working part-time ish so my mom and aunt come over to help, God Love Them! There isn't much to do but they help with little things that I don't get to like folding laundry and doing dishes. The best thing anyone did lately was bring dinner (oxoxo Jackie). I can cook but I just have so much else to do that is it great not to have to worry about it. Come visit for a few minutes. Bob loves it.

Why does caring for a sick person always involve poop? Just saying...

On a lighter note, we finally had the damn garage sale! It was 50 out so I was pretty sure no one would come but it was pretty busy. I sold over $320 worth of junk. My mom wants to have part 2 next weekend but if it is a nice as they say it will be I need to clean my flower beds and start putting my outside to bed for the winter.

I hope you have a great week and enjoy the weather, wherever you are!

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