Monday, September 8, 2014

Time sure does fly

I was amazed when I looked at my blog and realized I haven't posted in over six months! I can't even begin to think what has kept me so busy that I didn't take a few minutes to add something here.  I have been doing a little exploring of the Dallas area and I work pretty hard but jeez...

This has been an interesting summer. My sister and her family moved in with me in June. She has had a terrible time trying to find a full-time job (she works part-time at a store) and they needed some help so now I have three and a half people living with me in my two-bedroom condo. I say half because Molly graduated from college a few weeks ago and she stays with us some time and with her boyfriend some of the time. It's all working out but we all can't wait for them to get their own place.

I went to Seattle in July and had the most relaxing time with my brother's family. The weather was beautiful. I usually go in the winter so this was my first summer trip. I will never go back in the winter again! The kids and my sis in law and I  spent time hanging at the beach and just being lazy. It was exactly what I needed.

Work on the condo hasn't progressed as I had hoped. With so many people living there is just too much going on  to find the time to paint and do the things I want. Winter will be here sooner or later and I hope we can get something done when it cools off. Speaking of heat, I am really getting used to the weather here. I thought it would be worse but it's not bad. My poor dog doesn't tolerate it very well. There are nights we walk at 9:00 pm and it's 90 out. The poor thing just wants to get back in the cool house!

I guess I need to schedule some time to post a little more than every six months.  I have recently started the on-line dating thing so that should make for some interesting reading!

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