Thursday, October 7, 2010

Poor blog

My poor blog has been neglected lately and I am not sure why. Well I guess I do know why. I have been pretty damn busy the last few weeks and just haven't gotten around to it so here I am again!

I have had a big project at work that is eating time. Our department has an annual lecture for Urologists on some urology topic. This year it is stones. .. kidney stones.. doesn't that sound exciting? I am in charge of all the arrangements and the dinner we have in the evening. After doing this for 3 years one would think it would get easier, nope. Still a hassle working with doctors and their schedules. The lecture is tomorrow so I should be able to breath easier next week.

The other thing that is keeping me busy is physical therapy. I have been going to Dynamic Rehab for sciatica since August! 3 times a week for 1 1/2 to 2 hours each visit. It is draining but thankfully today was my 20th and last visit. I also had an eye doctor appointment today. I have been relying on reading glasses more and more and figure it's time for glasses. Well, yes, I need glasses but not for what I thought, I have cataracts. Talk about feeling old, I dropped my cane and my teeth almost fell out when they told me :D Mild cataracts at this point but COME ON, I am not THAT old.

And finally, the Bobster was in the hospital again. He had a fever so I took him over to the ER and as always, he had an infection. This time it was Staph and probably resulted from having an IV line in his arm for a month from the last infection. Open wound, bacteria moves in. He was only in for 5 days this time and is doing great now.

So what is keeping you busy?

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