Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Morning Rambling...

This week I went to 2 holiday parties, worked out twice; would have been 3 times but Mallory (trainer) was in Vegas picking a wedding venue, made cookies, wrapped, packed and mailed presents to the munchkins in Seattle and finished up my Christmas shopping. Oh and my mother decided to have eye surgery this week. It was elective but she didn't want to wait until after the holidays, she wanted to "get it over with". Still to go... Christmas with the Bobster's side of the family tomorrow, sister and family flying in Sunday and all the crap that goes along with cooking and cleaning to get the house ready for Christmas dinner....all while working right up through Thursday. As much as I hate flying at the holidays, I am seriously considering going out of town next year for Christmas.

Last night was my work party. Everyone stands around talking and eating and that is pretty much it. Is this how most parties for work go?

Why can't I find a bra that fits :D Just saying...actually along that line...when I find one that is comfortable I have to buy a few because the next time I go back to buy more they will have been discontinued! What is up with that? Most women I know are very loyal to products that they like such as a good pair of jeans, the perfect lipstick color and a comfortable bra. I would think the retailers would get that but I guess not.

If you haven't visited the Pioneer Woman's website, , I highly recommend it. What I want to know is when does this woman sleep? She has a big ranch, 4 kids she HOME SCHOOLS, a cookbook, a Harlequin romance book, a very cool website that she updates pretty much every day and she travels around promoting all of this. She is smart and funny and I want to be her when I have a minute but still...exhausts me just thinking about it.

I just finished the 3rd book in Stacia Kane's Downside Ghosts series, "City of Ghosts".

From Amazon "In this dark futuristic urban fantasy series, Kane (Demon Possessed) blurs the boundaries between the living and the dead. Chess Putnam works for the world-ruling Church of Real Truth, debunking false claims of haunting and banishing the occasional real ghost."

"Chess herself isn't someone I should like and root for, but I do. Even as she gobbles her drugs like smarties, uses people for sex and hurts the only person who has looked out for her. It speaks volumes for Stacia Kane's writing ability that I still want to see Chess come out on top. I also love that chess isn't the best of the best at her job, she doesn't do Buffy-style roundhouse kicks and she doesn't have mystical powers developing here, there and everywhere. She has numerous flaws and makes mistakes, shes human."

The author is so very good at describing Chess's pain that I cried for her, three times! I know most of you aren't into this kind of reading but I enjoyed it very much and wanted to share.

I have been working out 3 times a week for a month and haven't lost one freaking inch or pound! If you know me you know I am not a very big eater, I barely snack and pretty much never eat after dinner so WTH? Mallory is not only trainer but a nutritionist too and we have been discussing my food every week. Let me repeat NOT ONE POUND! Open to suggestions here...

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  1. Hi Blonde one,

    I have a blog too. Been following yours in private up till today....hope you don't mind. I am so jealous, you have "followers".

    That is very cool. Just wanted to comment on the bra issue, all this time I have been blaming a man for inventing the suckers and recently found out it was a woman....I was devestated. And "age", dang it, effects that area too....

    I have always thought you looked great and in shape!!!! Hope to see you over the holidays or sometime.