Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bowling Ball Earrings

Really! They are made from recycled bowling balls and are my new favorite earrings.

I really need a new camera. These earrings are very light weight and fun. I met Matt at a craft show and he had a funny story to go along with the great jewelry. He has no idea who I am but I thought I would share because his jewelry is fun. I know quite a few of you bowl!

Well the holiday craziness is upon me. I don't think this is my favorite time of year.

1. To commerical. Really nuf said!

2. One brother and sister live out of state. I miss them on the holiday and it is a hassle to mail their stuff. I love them and want to make sure they have presents from me but on the other hand I never seem to have enough time to get their stuff in the mail on time. This year sister is coming here so that is great but ...sniff...snifff....this is the first year little brother and his family won't be here. It is making me pretty sad; I just got teary-eyed typing this. bwwwwaaaaaaaaa.a..

3. It's freaking cold. I hate running around to all the store in this weather. When I have time, which is usually after work, it's DARK and COLD.

4. Back to stuff. The Bobster and I are very lucky have everything we need so I find it silly getting more. We have a very small limit for each other which helps make it a bit creative but I are at the point where honestly, I don't want anything. The Bobster really really works hard to make sure I have something fun to open under the tree every year so I can't really him, "sorry honey, I don't want anything".


I love July 4th.. fireworks, bonfires, marshallows.. I love Halloween, kids, candy, fall. After all these years I am finally standing up and saying "hi, my name is Colleen and bah humbug".

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  1. I just re-read this.. Man I was tired yesterday. I missed words and how many times can one person use the word FUN in one posting? UGH.