Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring? Hello??

Seems like Spring is never going to get here. The tulips are pushing their little green leaves up but that is about it. The grass is brown, it will not be over 40 degrees until maybe sometime next week and I haven't seen one stinking robin! This has to be the worst time of year. Winter was so long, cold and snowy this year and STILL NO SPRING!!! I am sooo ready to garden.

My niece is getting married Saturday! I am very happy that she is so happy(she is ga-ga). I swear it was only a few years ago when she was starting kindergarten! My sis is flying in today for the wedding and it will be great to see her. Pictures next week. More than likely I will post them on Facebook. I can only post one picture at a time here otherwise it gets all messy.

I am hoping to go on a photo safari this weekend. My cousin and I need to practice with our cameras so we are thinking of heading out to Belle Isle to see what we can see. If I get anything good I will post it here. I like my new camera and it doesn't seem that difficult to use but I want to learn how to take better pictures. We took a couple of camera classes and I think I am getting the hang of it. I really think it's just a matter of spending some time taking pictures and time is not something I have a lot of lately. The dust bunny colony under my bed finally declared independence and is ready to march on the rest of the house. I am considering calling NATO to see if they will authorize a carpet bombing.

As always, I like to know what everyone is reading. I just finish "Water for Elephants". Most of the book takes place on a circus train during the Depression. I am curious as to what the movie will be like. I rarely think movies are as good as the books.

Until next week...

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