Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Bob has been in step down ICU since the Saturday before Labor Day. He is finally being moved to a regular floor today which I hope means he will be home in a few days. He had an e coli infection and is retaining fluid. He gained 10lbs in fluid this week, mostly in his legs. They look like tree trunks, but he is feeling much better and up walking around and generally being his usual pain in the ass self :D

I am usually pretty tired when he is in the hospital because I work all day and the spend a few hours at the hospital each night. By the time I get home my head it like cotton. But this week I have been more down than usual and I figured out it was all the 9/11 stuff. I get unbelievably sad and can't watch ANY of the stories on TV with out sobbing. On Friday morning the radio station I listen to had a "remembrance" show and I heard a little before I could change the station. Of course I started crying on my way to work. I spent the whole week with my eyes scrunched closed and my feet planted hard on the ground so the 10th anniversary memories wouldn't knock me on my ass again.

Believe it or not I am finally going to have the garage sale I keep talking about. Fri., Sat., and Sun., Sept. 23-25. REALLY!! I don't care if he is in the hospital or not. That junk has got to go!

The picture above was last summer in Dallas and that is my bestie, Nancy! She is my go-to girl for feel better pick me up talks! Love ya :D


  1. Glad to hear your hubby is feeling better-even if it means a little "pain in the ass"! Seriously, it sounds like you have a "full plate", and I really can't imagine the stress you must be under. And with all of it, you manage to pass along a little humor :)

    Good Luck with that yard $ale!! And I hope he's home soon.

  2. btw, I can't fit in those white pants anymore... bummer. there's something to be said for stress...I might have been losing my mind, but, damn, I looked HOT in white pants! :D