Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Update on Bob

Well the hubby is in the hospital again.  He has pneumonia, low blood pressure and is retaining to much fluid. He also had an infection in his blood but that seems to be cleared up.   He is step down ICU again because of his blood pressure so they can keep a good eye on him.  He thought he was going to a regular floor today but his blood pressure dropped last night so looks like he gets the 5 star treatment for a few more days.  He is quite the complicated case and has, oh, about 7 doctors!   I told him it's a good week to be in the hospital since he truly hates any kind of weather below 80 :D

My youngest niece, Lola,  starts pre-school today! They all get so big so fast it's hard to keep track.  The little blondie in this picture is my oldest great-niece.  She and her sister sprouted like weeds this summer. I used to know how old they all are but I gave up keeping track.   Uncle Bob loves to spend time with them, especially at the lake.

My mother went to Dallas for 2 weeks to visit my sis and on her way back Saturday had to land in Kansas because the weather was so bad. She missed her connecting flight in Chicago and ended up spending the night there and not getting home until about 2:00 Sunday afternoon!  What is up with this weather? The Arctic cap is melting, the glaciers are melting, the East coast is constantly flooded, Texas is in a historic drought, the hurricanes are coming fast and furious...what did we do to this planet?

I have had a hard time this week with all the 9/11 shows and stories. My heart still breaks when I see any video clips of what happened or read any stories of the people involved.  We should never ever never forget but I can't watch.

And it's only Wednesday....

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  1. Give my love to the hubs, Colleen. Bring a blessing into each day – still a good way to help get over the 9/11 mayhem memories. You are Bobs blessing!