Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Monday... ha ha...oops... Tuesday

Four days off and I am back to work...kind of. I am here for about 6 hours a day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. My company gives Fri/Mon off on the Christmas and New Year's weekends. This is the first time in about 10 years that I have worked the days in-between. I am heading to Seattle (Hi Stefanie) in 2 weeks and didn't want to take the vacation days needed. No one here, I am just puttering..cleaning files, posting blogs...

So I seem to have survived my first Christmas without the hubby. I kept very busy and cried when I needed to, which wasn't that often. I am getting sick to death of this though. I think I have been doing very well and BAM all of a sudden something weird hits me and I start bawling! Yesterday it was cleaning house. I know, weird right? When we had people over I did the shopping and cooking and Bob cleaned the house. I had my brother and his family over and had to clean everything myself! I guess that is enough to make anyone cry. :D

I got a lot done over the time off and hope to get more done this coming long weekend.. Next up, an overhaul of my diet and exercise regime. Wish me luck I am honestly going to need it.

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  1. Your doing great..be proud !! Its going to take time, to get used to such a change in your life. We miss him too ! Always know im here if you need to talk about missing him ! Im glad your getting away in a couple weeks.It will be nice to spend time with Dave and his family !! Mean time take care of your self and ill see ya on New Years !XOXOXO