Thursday, August 9, 2012

August so far...

The heat finally lightened up a bit and I was able to get out on my bike last remember, Mickey?  We have a good time together but can only go about 3 miles around my neighborhood. I am surrounded by major roads that wouldn't be any fun to cross on a bike.  I am happy for the predicted 70's in the next few days as my yard is sadly in need of weeding and some clean up.

I spent the weekend at my niece's cottage.  This little princess was stuck to me like glue until her cousins made it up on Friday night.   We had a wonderful time on the lake. The water is very shallow and warm so it's great swimming.   There were 5 adults and 4 kids! Nice weekend.

Last but not least, my nephew, Jeff, graduated this week from Florida Atlantic University with an MBA!!! YAY Jeff!!! He is the first in our family to have a Master's but his brother Jon will have his in December. Amazing!

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