Friday, October 19, 2012


Bet you thought this was going to be a political post!  Nope.  For the past year I have been thinking of getting a tattoo to honor my hubby.   I talked with the tattoo artist (who did a great tattoo for my brother and who re-colored mine) and we came up with a design I really like.  This is a very rough draft. It will look like a green champagne bottle (champagne, get it?) and not a fat beer bottle.

The problem is I want it on my forearm and to get any kind of nice detail Jeff would need make this about 4 inches. My arms are skinny. The tattoo takes up a lot of room. ARGH! I hate being indecisive!

Not much else is happening in ColleenWorld. I have to go to not one but two baby showers this weekend. One for my lovely niece, Becky and the other for my good friend Wilhelmine who is adopting and just got THE CALL!  Both very fun and exciting!

Oh in other news. I am getting Invisalign braces Monday but I am sure that will be another post.

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