Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fat lip and broken nails

Looks like I was in a fight...with my braces!! I gave myself a fat lip this week and it still hurts.  Invisalign braces are like a clear plastic mouth guard but very tight.  The set I have for this 2-week period is super tight on top and I can't get the damn thing off to eat.  I broke most of my nails trying and the other day when I was prying them off I whacked myself, hard, in the lip! Six more months...I keep telling myself....6 more months! 

This isn't the best picture but I am holding my 5-day old great niece, Madelyn Marie! I now have 5 great nieces and 3 great nephews. There is another on the way this summer. They are between and 9 years and 1 week old and all cute as buttons!

Well, I am all ready for Christmas. I don't have a lot to do and I am not really feeling the spirit yet this year. I put a few lights outside and barely decorated the inside of the house. Go me!  I am going to have to find some kind of meaningfulness (is that a word Jim?) to the holidays because I don't like this bah humbug feeling.  I do volunteer on Christmas morning but it's the few weeks leading up to the holidays that I don't like. Maybe by next year this will change.

I wish all of my friends and family much love, a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous 2013!

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