Friday, December 7, 2012

What I am up to...

It's that time of year again, Cookie Exchange!  I have to make 5 dozen cookies tomorrow and wrap them in 1/2 dozen packages.   I will take them to a very nice luncheon and exchange them with 10 other cookie makers and come home with 10 - 1/2 dozen different types of cookies. It's a lot of fun and I only have to make one type of cookie.

Sooo... last night was my first date in oh, 30 years!  It was a dud. He was a nice man but we had no connection at all!  Honestly, it wasn't worth the time I spent on my make-up and now I can scratch it off my to-do list.  I kept thinking, how long before I can go home and put on my pj's and paint my nails? I don't think this is going to be very fun but I am convinced there is cowboy out there for me someplace. I will have to kiss a lot of frogs and all that....

Tonight is my work Christmas party. A bunch of doctors standing around talking about their recent cases and a bunch of support staff checking the clock to see if they can leave yet.  It's an interesting dynamic where I work. We have two clinics and the staff in each clinic never work with each other, only the doctors. They don't really know each other.  Then there is me, the only clerical support for the entire department. I am kind of the odd man out.  Oh well, we have good food and plenty of alcohol!

 If you didn't know already from Facebook, I have a new tattoo. I will post a pic after it heals. I had a tattoo on my ankle that I never liked and I wanted a new one to honor the Bobster so I have a champagne bottle with grapes around it covering the old tattoo. It's FREAKING big. Actually way bigger than I thought but I like it and it's a great conversation starter! :D

Have safe weekend and get out there and support our economy like I am by Christmas shopping!

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