Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Friday

I miss my spunky little monkey! Her new hair cut is too cute. She wanted it as short as her brothers but I can't see her parents shaving her head! My mom and sister and I are going to descend on them like locust the end of January. I hear the weather will be a bit rainy but we really aren't going for the weather. I CAN'T WAIT!

So, Bob is better. He got out of the hospital last Friday and has had a quiet week. He started putting up the Christmas lights while the weather is mild and has been looking for things for Jim to do at our house. Jim and Jeff are working on shoring up my roof. It is sagging in the middle. I can't explain how worried I have been about my roof caving in during the next big snow. Bob and Jim have been telling me for about 4 years, "it's fine. That roof will last for years." Somehow I am not convinced. Jim also took out the old wrought iron posts/supports on my porch and put in new wood columns. It looks great and I will post pictures sooner or later. My camera is not working. I guess I should tell Santa :D

Speaking of posting.. I am finally getting a new laptop. I have been debating about PC vs Mac and had a Toshiba all picked out but 2 of my brothers have been telling me how much they LOVE their Mac's. I have sort of been craving one but thought them pricey. They convinced me of the value and I am going to get it this weekend. I am pretty excited!!! (you can tell by the multiple exclamation points).

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Eat whatever you want and enjoy!

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