Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Uh oh

I am still having issues with this blog. I can't edit or remove the "books I am reading" section and it is making me crazy. I am also having a hard time adding pictures. ARGH!!!

So, let's see, what has been happening? hmmm, well Halloween was a blast. I went to a party Saturday night with friends. Nice time and really yummy food. The best costume goes to Staci as the Red Queen from Alice. The pig foot rest was hilarious.

Sunday, Halloween, we went to my cousin Jill's house. She and her hubby Scott go all out with a scary grave yard in front, tons of candy and a potluck for whoever shows up. Great time.

I start Pilate's on Monday and than working out with my trainer on Thursday. I think I am in for a world of hurt. I really haven't been all that active since August when I hurt my back. I gained 10lbs and have been slowly turning into a puddle of pudding. With my birthday right around the corner I am feeling the need to DO SOMETHING before I still feeling my age. I refuse to become one of those decrepit old ladies who aren't active, dammit!!

My biggest issue lately has been glasses. I ended up getting 'progressive" lenses. Ha! Didn't they used to be called TRIFOCALS? They are actually great for driving in the dark and reading but I just can't get used to wearing them at work. Too much glare off of my computer.... and they have glare coating.

Oh these pictures were taken with my phone. My camera refuses flash. I think it's finally gone on strike. Time to bring in a scab.

Not much news on the Bobster. He is doing ok. He was in the hospital twice over a months span, Aug-Sept. with infections in his blood. He is taking a bit longer to bounce back this time and never feels well once it gets cold out but overall he is doing ok.

So, what have you been up to?

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