Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Short Week Wanderings (or is it Wonderings?)

It was nice to be off Monday. The Bobster and I went to the auto show. I told him I will only go the year my car lease is up so I get a 2 year reprieve....and this is the year. He loves to look and look and look some more while I can breeze through, stop at about 4 cars and call it a day. It never fails to be the coldest day of the year when we do go. Walking around downtown in 12 degrees is right up there with dental work on my list of things I never want to do again.

So, guess what? I am going to Seattle! :D I sent my mom out last week and she has called me every day to tell me how much I will love it, and how cold I will be! Did you see the 12 degrees in the first paragraph? Really! I am not sure what she means. It is in the 40's and 50's there this week. Yes, it rains but I don't think cold rain can compare to snow and freezing wind. For some strange reason my mom and brother must think I don't know how to dress my self now that I am over 50! I am cracking myself up over this.

I haven't come up with any more spare time since last time I blogged and my to-do list has gone from snickering at me to actually growling. I tried shoving it under the bed but the dust bunny colony has had a population explosion so there wasn't any room.

Santa Bob gave me a new Kindle for Christmas and I got the cutest cover for it from Last Christmas my sister got a new Kindle so sent me her old one (thanks toots!) but I wasn't sure I would use it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE books..the smell, the feel of the paper, the weight in my hands.. My love affair with books started when I was about 11 and read my first Cherry Ames, Student Nurse book and hasn't cooled down since so I was pretty sure I would only use the Kindle occasionally. Big girl that I am, I admit it, MAN WAS I WRONG. Damn Kindle! The new one is even easier and lighter than the old. It is so easy to download books even my mom can do it. Hardcover books are only $9.99 - 12.99 and I can get them any time I waiting on line at the library. I love it when people ask me "hey, is that one of those book things?"

I wish someone could show me how to insert pictures! I don't seem to have the knack for it yet. I am going to sit down with my little brother this week and get an inservice on my camera, Mac and this dang blog! See you in two weeks!

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