Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pizza and Neighbors

This was going to be a book blog. I read Robert Crais' new book "Taken" , Michael Connelly's new one "The Drop" and the new Stephanie Plum book Janet Evanovich, "Explosive Eighteen" and I wanted to tell you about them. This was all before my neighbor brought over more pizza!

If you haven't been following me on Facebook let me give you a little background. The section of my city that I live in has been known as "Little Italy" for many years. It is a multi-block area that was developed by a bunch of Italian people who all moved from Italy to Detroit and then all built houses in the same neighborhood back in the 60's. My neighbor grew up across the street and eventually bought the house next door to me. She is a school teacher and he owned a pizzeria. He now sells pizza spices and homemade dough to boutique grocery stores.

Starting the week after Bob died they have been bringing me pizza. EVERY WEEK! It started with an innocent phone call, "Hi it's your neighbor. It's pizza night so call me when you get home and I will bring some over!" Every week! I don't like pizza very much! I think I may have to move! I tried telling her I already ate. She said, great, you will have dinner for tomorrow. I tried nicely telling her, "you really don't have to do this". She rubs my arm and very sincerely says, "It's my pleasure". What do you say to that? I was thrilled when they went on vacation.

I guess I will post next week about the books.

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