Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random Wednesday

  • He was my very first crush! I used to know all the words to all the Monkee's songs and I am sure I drove my mother crazy singing them. I never missed a show! I am deeply saddened by his death. RIP Davy Jones and thanks for the memories!

  • I am plowing through the Kate Shugak mysteries by Dana Stabenow. I just finished the 5th one, Play with Fire. "A rainy gust of wind tore over the rise, swooped across the road and tossed up the leaves of a stand of birches, exposing their lighter undersides. A lusty laugh and the gust was gone and with a scandalized rustle the birches shook their skirts back down over their white boles, and all was still again, except for the patter of returning rain." This is the kind of writing that just reels me in and keeps me reading and reading,which I guess is a good thing because there are 19 books so far in the series. If you don't hear from me by April or May send in reinforcements!

  • Sigh.. I went bathing suit shopping this past weekend. It was a sad and miserable event but after much torture I selected a cute tankini and skirt bottom from Land's End. Freaking thing cost $120 but I guess it will be worth it. I am heading to Key West in April with my 2 girl cousins, my cousin-in-law, my aunt and sister. We are staying at the Doubletree Hilton Grand Key Resort for 7 nights. I see mucho margarita's in my future!

  • I am considering working on a family tree and looking for suggestions and helpful hints.

  • Monday was my first Pilates class in,well, in ages. I still work out with my trainer but I need something to mix it up. The jury is still out on whether or not it is going to help with my back issues but it was mini-intense.

  • Last but not least I gave up Starbucks, AGAIN! Non-religious person that I am, I gave it up for Lent! The caffeine was making my heart go pitty patty and not in a good way plus I was back up to $15-20 a week. So Starbucks short soy no water chai and cranberry orange scones got booted to the curb. It was my crack and I think about it every morning... is there a rehab for this?

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