Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I finally did it!

I joined Weight Watchers! Ok, stop it. I know I am not fat but I gained about 4 lbs since Bob died and add that to the extra I was already carrying, I am uncomfortable and my pants don't snap. The more Bob was in the hospital the less I cooked. It was much easier to pick something up. Since I don't eat hamburgers or french fries I thought I was doing ok. After he died I pretty much quit cooking. Again, easier to run to Nino's and get prepared foods to heat up and salads at Panera Bread. I need to get back on track and eating a bit more healthy.

I have never dieted in my life. I haven't had to ever watch what I eat. I am 5'7" and in my 30's I weighed about 135, in my 40's 145. I am in my 50's so you can see where this it heading... I have a goal and when I reach that goal I am buying myself an iPad. Of course the iPad 4 may be out by then but it's still a goal.

So, Weight Watchers is a lot of work! I think about what I am going to eat ALL DAY! I have to log my points and check my points for every freaking thing I put in my mouth. I am told it will get easier once I have my frequent foods logged and I get used to the point thing. I figure the secret it fiber. That and water keep me running all day :D

I am still plowing through the Dana Stabenow series. I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy these books. I am on the 14th in the series and I started the 1st February 13. Can you tell I don't watch TV? 14 books in about 6 weeks! That's a lot even for me.

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