Friday, March 16, 2012

Time change blah...

I don't know about you but I am tired! This time change thing just wears me out and takes about a week for me to get adjusted. My body thinks it is still 4:30 am when I get up at 5:30! Not my favorite time of year.

So, I am joining Weight Watchers on-line program. I have a 10lb goal and I am just too damn lazy to do anything about it. My brother and 2 sisters in law participate in WW and see great results. My boss lost 30 lbs (but she eats carrots all day) and another person at work lost about 50. Since the hubby pasted away I haven't really been cooking. It is easier for me to just grab something to go and as you know, to-go usually means junk! I am hoping that with a little of the discipline I have been laking I will meet my goal soon.

I started the Pilates class and promptly dropped out! I went to two. The class was advertised for mixed levels but ended up being for advanced level students and the instructor wasn't that great and making sure the classed worked for beginning and intermediate too. The good news is, I just found out you can get exercise classes On Demand! Comcast has a bunch of free classes so I am going to try out a few this weekend. The other good news is I can now walk outside. Gracie the Wonder Dog loves the mile long walks we have been taking all week!

Oh and I am still stuck on the Dana Stabenow books!! Oh my god she killed someone off and I about died! I am on the 11th book and have 8 more to go. Seriously, I can't read anything else. I just have to know what happens next!

Enjoy your weekend!

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