Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Way down yonder in Cleveland

Well our second day in Cleveland is over. So far Cleveland does not rock! We have spent 2 days going from one appointment to another. They jam pack your schedule so they can get everything in while you are here. Oh, you are here so let's add more tests shall we?

The place is huge. Very nice and clean with a great art collection on the walls and millions of people scurrying everywhere like ants. Everyone and I mean everyone has been super nice. Polite and pleasant. Toto we aren't in Detroit anymore!

We are staying in Guest Housing across the street from the Clinic. It is about what you would expect from a $60 a night hotel. Plain but clean (I hope). No WiFi in the room so I spend my afternoons in the lobby watching all the people and catching up to my life. Funny how disconnected I feel away from my computer.

Tomorrow looks like an early but short day so I am hoping to get the Bobster to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Can't come to Cleveland without it!

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