Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back to our regularly scheduled program...

Bob came home from the hospital yesterday. He is feeling much better and is very glad to be home. He is optimistic that he will be riding his Harley soon. This time he was pretty sick. His blood pressure was low and his heart rate high. They had to drain 1600 cc of fluid from his chest and I think this was the turning point, he started feeling better right away. I thought Gracie the Wonder Dog was going to burst when he walked in the door! Gracie is on her second round of allergy shots. I have to give her a little smear of peanut butter in a dish and while she is chasing it around the floor I stick her with the needle full of medicine. She never even flinches, oh the power of peanut butter!

I am still not able to insert pictures where I want them on this thing. I just tried to get the picture above to insert HERE and no matter what I do it ends up on top. If I try to put another one in it will end up under the first one. It is a bit frustrating.

I am praying for some kind of decent weather for the Memorial Day holiday. I NEED to get my garden in. I usually have the lettuce planted by now but it has been to wet to play in the dirt. I am planting tomatoes, beets, lettuce, beans, onions and peppers this year. If you see a dazed blonde wondering aimlessly around Van Thoms' garden center this weekend stop and say Hi, I will need the distraction! :D The rest of the yard just needs a little weeding. I have two lavender plants that have grown more than I thought so I am taking them out. I am planting a few more hostas and looking for some kind of perennial border plants but that's it for this year. I don't want to spend every weekend in the yard this short short summer.

Have a safe and fun Memorial Day!

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