Friday, June 3, 2011

New Car

We finally settled on a car. It was not easy because in the middle of the process, A. The Bobster went in the hospital for 2 weeks and B. my sciatica decided to come back with a vengeance. The issue with my back is that it hurts when I drive! My car is low and the seat doesn't move any other way than forward and back and I actually couldn't drive the damn thing. I drove Bob's beat up old truck for a week or so and than traded cars with my mom. She has a cute little PT Cruiser that has a seat that is almost like a chair. Didn't bother my back at all. So the back thing made car shopping difficult. I had to find the time first and then find a car that didn't hurt or have the potential to hurt :(

Last night I drove a Volkswagen CC. It has a 12-way seat! Very nice car, has all the bells and whistles. So a little prayer that it doesn't aggravate my sciatica!

Bob is doing better. He is up and around finally. Not doing too much but is getting better every day. He is very thin and needs to gain some weight but all of his doctor's are very impressed by his progress.

I have finally given in and decided to hire someone to clean my house (Hi Mel). While I can afford it, it seems so frivolous but working, working out, and doing all the stuff that Bob used to do is wearing on me. He has been cleaning since he quit working but it is hit and miss at the best and not done at all when he doesn't feel well. This last time he was in the hospital I took one day to clean and figured out he wasn't doing such a great job. He was "man" cleaning.. only the middle and none of the corners!

Have a great weekend! BTW, there is a gnome stalking me.. I will try to get his picture and post it here next :D

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  1. Hi. I saw your post on Kim Harrison's blog and clicked on your name so I could check out your blog. I think I may be able to get a poem out of your "man" cleaning comment. And possibly the gnome stalker as well. Thanks for the inspiration.;-) Oh, and I hope your sciatica stops bothering you and Bob gets to feeling better. Brightest Blessings.