Friday, June 24, 2011

Garage Sale

"Hey baby, you know I really dig smart woman!"

I don't have much today. I have been exceptionally tired this week and haven't done anything but eat, not sleep and eat..oh and more not sleep. I want to clean out my basement and linen closet. I think I will get to the closet tomorrow but the basement will have to wait for a little more energy. Why in the world do we keep so much crap? I never used to. I get trapped in the "I may use/need/want this chotchke some day" mentality. Lately when I think of my hubby's illness and getting older I get very motivated to throw stuff out. BTW, garage sale the first weekend in August :D

I finally got someone clean my house. So now I have lawn service and a house cleaner...why don't I have more spare time?

Southwest airlines was having a great sale this week and I got 2 round trip tickets to Dallas for $399 total. They were $80 each way and then tax and stuff. I am also going to New York in 2 weeks. No sale air tickets but free hotel. My sis has to go for work so we will have a girls weekend! Not sure what we are doing but I think the theater will be involved...and I bet some shopping.

Have a great weekend!

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