Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tales of an escape artist!

I was cleaning out my basement on Saturday and loaded up the car with clothes to take to the Salvation Army and a local consignment shop. When I got home around 2:00 I had things to unload and take to the basement so I left the garage door open. Bob got home from his errands around 4:00 and we were getting ready to go out to dinner with my cousin and her hubby. I was looking around for Gracie to let her out and NO DOG! I thought she was under the bed where she likes to sleep, NO DOG! Neither one of us could figure out where she was. She never runs away and when I am outside she stays right on my heels.

After the initial WTH? I started to panic. I walked around the block calling her name and then got in the car and drove all around the neighborhood. NO DOG! Honestly she has never run off so we were totally perplexed. I thought she may have been out in front of the house and someone took her. She is darn cute after all. One of the girls from across the street got in her car and drove around too. We live on a very busy side street and are about 2 houses from a major street. I kept picturing poor Gracie smashed like a white pizza on Gratiot!

I decided to call the police on the off chance that someone found her. The dispatcher told me someone did find a white and tan dog and gave me the number. As I was calling the number, the Bobster walked in with the dog! She had quite the adventure. Seems she walked around the block, crossed a street and walked right up to this old couple out in their yard! Their neighbor works for Animal Control so in the 3 hours Gracie was missing, the animal control neighbor called the police, made a sign and put it in their front yard and posted it on Craig's List! The Bobster saw the sign and stopped to check if it was our little trouble-maker.

All's well that ends well but in the mean time, I was crying and trying to figure out how many flyers I would need to copy, my mom and aunt got in their car and were half way to my house to start looking and my cousins were ready to start dinner without us! Yes, we have a collar on her now with name and address and yes, we are going to get her chip activated but in my defense, I never even saw her outside and she is 8 years old and not once took off...well I guess we all need a little adventure.

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