Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Bob Update

Well the Bobster is in the hospital again. He had what turned out to be an infection a month ago and went home with an IV line in his arm so he could get antibiotics for another month. The line was removed last week. Sunday he had a fever of 102 that only went down to 101.3 with Tylenol so off we went to the hospital.
I swear they see us coming and call everyone else in the county to sit and keep us company because the place was PACKED. The hospital was so full that they closed it to ambulances. Bob waited 25 hours in the emergency room to get a bed...which I think is silly because, really, shouldn't he just have a room reserved with his name on it by now? I could just drop him at the door and tell them to get his room ready!
I think this may just be the same stubborn infection that was incubating in his blood and he will need some more bug killer.
So he is feeling better and wants out by Sunday so we can go to some kind of hydroplane model boat races. I say KEEP HIM! I don't want to go :D

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