Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bendy - Stretchy

In May I was minding my own business, taking a Pilates class and I felt a little tweak in my back. That weekend I drove 3 hours to the Cleveland Clinic, sat around there for 3 days and drove back. The next week I flew to Dallas. By that time my back was shot! My doctor put me on a Medrol pack (steroids) and while I had a bit of improvement it didn't last.

So being the good doctor that he is, he sent me to physical therapy. I hate to talk bad about people who work hard but it was the lame-est (ha is that even a word) PT I have ever been to. I won't go into the details so I will just say, it didn't work.

Back to the doctor. He suggested this new PT called Dynamic Rehab. I was pretty skeptical but also in a bunch of pain so off I went.

Week 1 - What the HECK! Not only was I doing stretches and weight machines they strapped me into this machine that only moved my spine and I bent forward and back. You would have to see it but it was very weird.
Week 1.5 - OH COME ON! They added NMT. Neuromuscular Therapy. This is what I call poke me therapy. The therapist pushes on "trigger points" in my back to release them. NOT FUN.
Week 2 - Bendy table (I am sure there is a medical term for it - Face down I lay on a table that proceeds to bend me up and then down.
Week 2.5 - Well what do you know, I am feeling better! :D

I can actually sit at my desk and and walk without getting pinches in my back. I guess there is hope. Now if only all that bendy stretchy stuff made me lose the 10 lbs I gained being stagnant!

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