Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Busy Bee

I haven't been able to post this week because I am working on a big project that is due Friday. I leave for vacation Sunday, going to Dallas to see our Molly graduate from high school, and I have our work graduation party Friday night. I am trying to get some stuff together for Stefanie's garage sale (pray for no rain) and I had to get my nails done. For a person with no kids and a hubby who stays home and cleans the house I seem to be AWFUL busy.

What did everyone do for Memorial Day? On Friday we went to a bonfire at brother/sister-in-laws and roasted marshmallows. It was the perfect night for it. The only other thing we did was go see "Ironman" on Monday. Don't bother! Bob liked it but I felt it was a mish mash. One of the main characters was extremely annoying and in the middle of the movie it sort of changed direction. Did anyone else see it? What did you think?

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