Thursday, June 3, 2010

Doggone it!

I woke up at 4:00 am to a dog barking, howling and whining. I thought it was my neighbor's and tried to go back to sleep but it sounded like it was right outside my window. It was. There was a medium size black dog in my yard. My gate was closed so it must have climbed the fence. I can't figure out any other way it got in. When I turned on the back patio light the goofy dog ran up to my patio door and started whining and scratching to get in. The cats were sitting at the window having way too much fun watching the excitement and Gracie was barking at the poor critter.

I called the police and said "there is a dog in my yard howling and whining and it's not mine." Roseville's finest told me, "the dog catcher isn't in at 4:00 am". Well, really? I said, "THERE IS A DOG AT MY BACK DOOR TRYING TO GET IN AND IT"S 4:00 AM!!" I think I actually was talking in capitals at that point. The dispatch officer said, OK, we will send a car.

About 5 minutes later Roseville's finest showed up and walked to my gate. I went out to meet them and they were just standing there, looking at the poor pathetic dog, who at this point was trying to lick them to death through the fence. I told them I thought it might belong to someone who lived behind me and over a few houses. One of the guys says, we can go look and if not, we can just open the gate and LET HIM GO! I said, umm, I think you should take him with you! After much discussion between the 2 of them, honest to god, they opened the gate and were trying to TALK THE DOG INTO GOING WITH THEM! My tax dollars are paying for the Keystone Cops! The dog is running in circles and the cops are trying to get it! In the meantime Gracie the Wonder Dog is sitting at the front door trying to figure out what the heck is going on. This poor dog ran up on my porch and was trying to get in the house and Keystone 1 and 2 were out by the street calling the dog! What part of 4 AM didn't they get?

I went in the house, got one of Gracie's leashes, looped it around the dogs neck, who I had to grab at the front door trying to sneak in, and gave the silly thing to the silly cops!

No going to back sleep by that time.

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  1. This is hysterical...I can picture Gracie the Wonderdog wishing she could go back to bed. LOL