Monday, June 28, 2010

Paper books vs ebooks

While perusing some of the blogs I follow I found the below at She is one of my favorite authors and describes so well the feeling I have about books and ebooks that I had to steal..I mean copy what she wrote about the subject.

"I have very mixed feelings about ebooks. Part of this is because I’m very in love with the sensuous experience of reading a physical book–the smell of the paper, the feel of the pages. Partly because used bookstores and libraries were my salvation before the Internet existed, they were my salvation when I was too poor for a high-speed connection or indeed any connection at all, and they still continue to be the places I patronize when looking for books, because I don’t want to spend the money on an e-reader and deal with the hassle of platform changes, technology burps, and the distributor deciding to take things off my private electronic device even after I’ve paid for them–I could go on and on."

Since you all know me, you all know I LOVE BOOKS. I dont' watch TV, I read. I don't clean house much, I read. My poor garden would be totally neglected if the Bobster didn't water it, I read. My sister gave me a Kindle at Christmas and she loves hers to the exclusion of paper books. I like the convenience of having a book anytime, any where but I am finding I enjoy the paper experience more. I didn't realize that I kind of thumb through the book a little ahead of where I am to see what happens next until I couldn't do it with the Kindle.

Do you read ebooks?

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